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#1 Advantage of Using an Exclusive
Buyer's Broker to Find Your Luxury Home


40-60% of my Luxury Home closings each year are unlisted propertiesJohn J. Rygiol.

If I cannot find the home my clients are looking for in the regular market place, I get on the phone and start calling the top Luxury Home Listing Brokers in the client’s area of interest.

All of the Luxury Home Listing Brokers know that I do not take listings, therefore they are willing to show me their “pocket” listings and client properties that are not on the open market.

I provide them with a non disclosure agreement, preview the property with them, and if it meets my client’s criteria, I set up an appointment to show the property to my clients.  If they like it, we write an offer on the property with a full listing commission to the broker who made me aware of the property.

When I start networking, I keep a very detailed log as to Broker, date, and time a property was made available to me.  Often two or more brokers will let me know about the same property.  I let them know the property has already been brought to my attention by Broker, date, and time.

Luxury Home Brokers guard these “pocket” listings very jealously and will usually not share them with other brokers.

This is the #1 Advantage you get when utilizing my services!

John J. Rygiol


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