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Home Buyers Have 3 Choices of
Real Estate Representation

Red Light LA Red Ball Listing Agent This is the agent you call when you see an ad in the newspaper or walk into an open house. They represent the seller and are under contract to get the seller the best possible price for their home. Will be dual agents if they represent the buyer on the purchase of one of their company's listings.

Why on earth would you contact the real estate listing agent or someone in their office, when they are under contract with the Seller to get them the best possible price for their home?


Yellow Light BA Orange Ball Buyer Agent Buyer Agent is the buzzword in Real Estate now. A Buyer Agent that works in a traditional real estate office that takes listings can represent a Buyer but when a buyer wishes to purchase one of their companies listings, they will have to declare dual agency and represent both the seller and the buyer at the same time.

How can someone represent 2 opposing parties at the same time?

Green Light EBA Green Ball Exclusive Buyer Agent Works for a Real Estate office that does not take listings of any kind; Represents Home Buyers only.

An Exclusive Buyer's Agent Provides:

100% Home Buyer Representation - 100% of the Time!


Which would you prefer?

  • An agent representing the seller?
  • An agent representing the seller and the buyer at the same time?
    or an

Exclusive Buyer Agent representing only you, the BUYER!




                       100% HomeBuyer Representation 100% of the Time!

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